Pink & green fabric schemes

A pink and green interiors palette is enduringly popular, returning each season with a new twist. Sitting next to each other so perfectly in nature, particularly in the wild flowers and grasses lining our fields in summer, it's not surprising the colours translate so well into our homes. Our desire to bring the outside in, now more than ever, has seen a new flurry of pink and green schemes popping up on our favourite interiors platforms, featuring every room in the house, including kitchens and bathrooms. These versatile palettes of soft muted greens and faded, shaded and shabby pinks are a perfect combination for creating a calm, elegant scheme with a soft warmth imbued by the pink.

Pictured: Tendril fabric in eucalyptus green and Hedgerow Bells in shell pink

Don't be afraid of mixing florals: Roman blind with Hedgerow Bells fabric

I was particularly drawn to the softer tones of pink and green when designing the Georgia Collection.

- the delicate shell pink colour of the Hedgerow Bells fabric is complemented perfectly by a grey-green. Pink has been considered a 'new neutral' for a while now, and is used more and more as the main canvas in a room, rather than just an accent - and if you pick the right shade, it works beautifully as a backdrop, making other colours 'pop'. Adding texture, such as sisal or seagrass flooring, and mixing in some darker colours, is a good way to help the palette translate into a variety of rooms and appeal to a wide range of tastes!

Pictured: Hedgerow Bells above and below sister pattern Entwined, both in shell pink.

To balance out a pink and green scheme, blue fabrics tend to work well and below I've selected a range of patterns across four of my fabric collections including a mid blue and a pale aqua.

Top to bottom: Cutting Garden; Rye Grass; Tendril (Georgia Collection), Hedgerow Bells (Georgia Collection), Flocking Birds (Delta Collection).

Darker blue, such as Indian ink shown, is also a classic pairing with pink, cropping up more and more in kitchens.

If you would like advice on combining fabrics from across the Leaping Foxes collections, please do drop me a line at

Happy decorating!


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