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Pink & green fabric schemes

Pink and green interiors are enduringly popular, returning each season with a new twist. Sitting next to each other so perfectly in nature, it's not surprising the colours translate so well into our homes. Green in all its various tones is soothing, calming and restorative, while pink often adds warmth and elegance. Previously restricted to bedrooms and living rooms only, such is our desire to bring the outside in, to increase out connection with nature, that pink and green schemes are now commonly seen in every room, from kitchens and boot rooms to bathrooms.

Almost all combinations work with ease - from pairings of bold, jewel or rich pinks and greens to more pastel, spring fresh colours. Our take on this popular combination at Leaping Foxes is for soft muted, tonal greens and faded, vintage pinks to help create a calm, elegant aesthetic.

Perfect pairings for curtains and blinds: Campion Breeze print in sage green and Hopper print in vintage pink

Moodboard ideas: Curtains in Hopper, vintage pink; Romand blinds in Campion, eucalyptus and headboards or cushions in Campion. Paints swatches by Little Greene company in pink and sage and Wimborne White by Farrow & Ball.

Perfect pairings for curtains and blinds: vintage pink and eucalyptus green

Pink has been considered a 'new neutral' for a while now, and is used more and more as the main canvas in a room, rather than just an accent - and if you pick the right shade, it works beautifully as a backdrop, making other colours 'pop'. Adding texture, such as sisal or seagrass flooring, and mixing in some darker colours, is a good way to help the palette translate into a variety of rooms and appeal to a wide range of tastes.

Roman blind with Hedgerow Bells fabric in shell pink and sage

Pictured: Hedgerow Bells above and below sister pattern Entwined, both in shell pink.

Grey walls to add perfect neutrality. Entwined fabric in shell pink. Walls in Elephants Breath by Farrow & Ball.

Preparing to decorate? View our pink fabrics and green fabrics and order your samples to add to your moodpboard.



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