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1. Should I always order a fabric swatch?

The simple answer is yes! There are a number of reasons to order a swatch, even if you think the fabric looks ideal online. The colours on screen can vary slightly from the actual fabric, no matter how skilful the photography and also because each computer screen can  be set up differently and change the appearance of colours. It's important to see the true colour of the fabric. A swatch also enables you to test out the fabric in your room and see how it behaves at different times of the day as the light changes.

2. Do you hold fabric in stock?

All fabric produced by us is printed to order in the UK. This enables us keep waste to a minimum and bring new designs online much more quickly. Once you order your fabric, it typically takes 10-15 days to be produced.

3. Can I order half metres of fabric?

Although you can't currently order half metres of fabric online, if you email us at, this can be arranged for you and you will be sent an invoice. Please note, the minimum order is 1 metre of fabric.

4. What is linen union fabric?

Linen union is a natural material, a blend of linen and cotton. The blend makes our fabric ideal for curtains and blinds in particular, having a heavier feel than 100% linen.

5. What is the difference buying from and through one of your stockists?

If you want to order curtains, blinds or other soft furnishings or need help planning interiors, our stockists are in an ideal position to help you and they can order the fabric that is required for you. If you don't have a stockist near you, or just prefer to buy the fabric directly yourself, you can order a swatch online and then if you wish to buy, simply email us at Whatever you choose, we are here to help you!

6. Can you customise colours to match our interior scheme?

If you would like one of our patterns in another colour used within the collection, please get in touch at  and we will discuss the possibilities with you. We cannot use a completely different colour not already used in the collection, as this would require colour testing and we don't currently have the resources to do this for individual orders. 

Do you have a question not covered here? Please let us know and we will get right back to you!


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