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The Lane Collection

An early morning walk 'along the lane' is a much loved part of my morning routine - before the day unfolds and runs away with itself. I've always been aware of the change in plants through the seasons, but over time, as I walked the familiar path, I became more conscious of additional layers - smaller flowers that were previously overlooked, the bud and seed stage of plants and the fascinating tiny details within plants.

The Lane Collection was intended to capture these quieter moments of 'stopping and noticing' and is one of the reasons I chose a natural linen base and a soft, neutral palette. My interest in French vintage fabrics, seen on beautiful heirloom quilts, also helped inspire the nature of the design - from classic stripes to ditsy florals.

I have always adored the simple white campion flowers that pop up in our fields, hedgerows and verges in spring. If there was ever going to be one flower to feature in a design for me, it had to be Campion! Campion Breeze, the main pattern of the collection is produced in a solid colour and reversed out, to make perfect pairings for curtains and blinds

White campion wildflowers - their heady scent in the evening is said to attract moths.

Campion Breeze fabric in Indian ink blue - both on a natural linen base and reversed out

For me, the perfect pairing with a floral fabric is always a stripe. It's a combination which has been around for so long, it's become a classic. With the Stitchwort pattern, I have blended both together to create a floral stripe, which can be used alone or partnered with the much bolder Suffolk Stripe.

Stitchwort fabric in Indian ink blue - perfect for a pretty bedroom cushion and roman blinds.

Suffolk Stripe - a horizontal stripe, perfect for partnering with florals to create a summer vibe.

Fern Hearts - fresh simplicity for curtains and blinds

Although most of the collection is in Indian ink on a natural linen base, the Campion Breeze fabric is now also available in a range of new neutrals for spring/summer 2023.

New colourways for 2023 - vintage pink, sage and eucalyptus.

You can view the collection and order samples or metres of fabric here


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