Bringing nature into the kitchen

If you love the idea of bringing nature inspired design into your home, but prefer to avoid anything too chintzy, traditional or cute (ducks in hats etc !), perhaps you are on the look out for simpler patterns and colours?

With this in mind, I hope you will enjoy my new collection of kitchenware, inspired by time spent outdoors during the long hot summer of 2018, with its glorious sunny evenings and bright early mornings. The fantastic weather meant spending more time than usual observing all the tiny changes in the fields & hedgerows week by week and I started to notice plants, seeds and insects that up until then had largely passed me by - particularly the numerous varieties of wild grass. For one of my three new designs, the Rye grass pattern, I wanted to create a simple clean look from nature that would conjure up the idea of traditional 'ticking' fabric - and also appeal to those of us who love the new trend for geometrical shapes.

Other designs from nature will be coming this autumn, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy the Rye grass, Hedgerow and Bees in Clover kitchenware now in the shop.

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